Continuing Education

The insurance Continuing Education requirement for the State of Washington is 24 credit hours. Three (3) of those 24 credit hours must be certified as ethics credits. You are required to renew every 2 years prior to your birthday. You may combine any of the courses to fulfill your continuing education needs. You can now repeat the same CE courses you took for your last renewal. The OIC removed the 3 year requirement for repeating a course with the following EXCEPTION: If your last license renewal was late and the course completion date was after your license expiry date, you will not get credit if you repeat the course for your next license renewal.

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Additional Information About Continuing Education

Each course is certified by the State for license renewal; there are no restrictions or requirements for a particular line of insurance. A certificate of completion will be issued upon successfully completing an exam.(70% is passing). You may renew your license online at the Office of Insurance Commissioner's website.

Special Note:

Long-term care (LTC) education:

Before you can transact long-term care insurance or long-term care partnership policies in Washington state, you must:

  1. Hold a producer license with the disability line of authority,
  2. Complete an approved initial eight-hour LTC course, and
  3. Maintain your LTC education by completing a four-hour refresher course every 24 months.

If you want to sell an annuity in Washington state, you'll need to:

  1. Hold a producer license with the life line of authority,
  2. Complete the one-time, 4-hour annuity suitability course prior to selling annuity products, and
  3. Provide the insurance company you work with proof (a copy of your certificate) that you have completed an acceptable course.

This training requirement became effective March 29, 2012.