WA LTC Initial 8 Hour Course

This is a 8 credit hour course

From the book WA LTC Initial 8 Hour Course

Published by Intellipass, Inc (2013)

This is required by the State of Washington for producers entering the long-term care insurance market. This course is updated biannually or as required by the Office of the Insurance Commissioner.

Chapters include: General Information and Definitions; The Evolution of Long-term Care Insurance; Washington State Long-term Care Partnership; How is Long-term Care Paid For; Suitability for Long-term Care Insurance; Minimum Standards for Benefit Triggers; How Long-term Care Policies Pay Benefits; Unintentional Lapse; Federal Statutes Governing Long-term Care Insurance (HR3103) Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996; Information to be Furnished; Medicaid Nursing Home and Copes Coverage